CCI Big 4 Shotshell 9mm


Big 4 Shotshell 9mm

Get Your Hands on the Big 4 Shotshell 9mm Today!

The Big 4 Shotshell 9mm will stop an intruder in his tracks. The Big 4 Shotshell 9mm has been rated to fire up to 25 pellets, making it the most powerful shotshell on the market today. If you want to feel safe when you are home or while you are on the go, pick up the ammo today! Don’t wait another day to get your hands on this amazing shotgun ammunition! Click below to get yours now!

1) When to use Big 4 Shotshell 9mm

The Big 4 Shotshell 9mm is perfect for self-defense situations. It packs a powerful punch and can stop an attacker in their tracks. Plus, the ammo is easy to use and doesn’t require any special training. So if you’re looking for a self-defense weapon that is easy to use and packs a punch, the Big 4 Shotshell 9mm is the perfect choice for you. You can find the ammo online or at your local sporting goods store. To buy the cci big 4 shotshell 9mm, click here!

2) Why shotshells are great

Shotshells are great for a number of reasons. First, they’re easy to use. Just load them into your gun and shoot. Second, they’re very versatile. You can use them for self-defense, target practice, or even hunting. Third, they’re relatively inexpensive. Fourth, they’re widely available. Fifth, they’re extremely reliable. Sixth, they offer a high degree of accuracy. Finally, seventh, they’re just plain fun to shoot! So if you want to experience all these benefits, go ahead and purchase a Big 4 Shotshell 9mm today. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

3) Where you can buy shotshells

You can find the Big 4 Shotshell 9mm for sale at your local gun store or online. Prices vary depending on where you purchase, but you can expect to pay around $25 for a box of shells. The Big 4 Shotshell 9mm is a great choice for self-defense and home protection. With its high-powered shell, it can stop an intruder in their tracks. So don’t wait any longer, get your hands on the cci big 4 shotshell 9mm today! The Big 4 Shot Shell 9mm has become one of the most popular shotshells among avid hunters. It’s powerful enough to take down prey quickly and efficiently without damaging the meat or pelt.

4) The color choices available

The cci big 4 shotshell 9mm is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Black, brown, and tan are all popular choices, but you can also find this gun in pink, blue, and green. If you’re looking for something truly unique, there’s even a camo option. No matter what your style is, there’s a 9mm ammo that’s perfect for you. You can’t go wrong with the ammunition  for sale today – it’s easy to see why these guns have become such a hit!

Centerfire handgun shotshells have proven themselves for close-range pests. CCI Big 4 loads extend the range and capabilities of these downsized shotshells, thanks to a payload of No. 4 lead shot. The resulting energy and patterns enable Big 4 loads to take down larger pests at longer distances, making them even more useful.


• caliber:

38 Special/357 Magnum

• bullet type:

Shotshell #9 Shot

• rounds per box:


• boxes per case:


• bullet weight:

100 GR

• muzzle energy:

222 ft lbs

• muzzle velocity:

1000 fps

• application:


• category:



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